Berikut adalah Daftar harga hotel untuk wilayah SULAWESI

Hotel NameRoom TypeSingleDoubleBreakfastValidity
Asia HotelStandardRp325,000 Rp325,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 31 Mar' 10
Jl. Pengayoman 5SuperiorRp393,000 Rp393,000   
Ph:(0411)4662839 Fax:(0411)4662847DeluxeRp483,000 Rp483,000   
 SuiteRp595,000 Rp595,000   
Clarion HotelSuperiorRp555,000 Rp555,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. AP Pettarani 3Deluxe PavilionRp680,000 Rp680,000   
Ph:(0411)833888 Fax:(0411)833777Junior SuiteRp1,275,000 Rp1,275,000   
 Honeymoon SuiteRp1,775,000 Rp1,775,000   
Horison Hotel (MA)SuperiorRp445,000 Rp445,000 InclusiveUFN
Jl. Jend Sudirman 24DeluxeRp505,000 Rp505,000   
Ph:(0411)311555 Fax:(0411)311444Horison ClubRp605,000 Rp605,000   
Booking Direct Horison Corporate JakartaJunior SuiteRp760,000 Rp760,000   
 Executive SuiteRp970,000 Rp970,000   
 Horison SuiteRp1,475,000 Rp1,475,000   
 Extra BedRp185,000 Rp185,000   
Imperial Aryaduta Hotel *****Superior (Cityview)Rp660,000 Rp660,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. Somba Opu 297Deluxe (Seaview)Rp770,000 Rp770,000   
Ph:(0411)870555 Fax:(0411)870222Terrace (Seaview)Rp940,000 Rp940,000   
 Club Room (Cityview)Rp1,175,000 Rp1,175,000   
 Club Room (Seaview)Rp1,405,000 Rp1,405,000   
 Club Suite (Cityview)Rp1,740,000 Rp1,740,000   
 Club Suite (Seaview)Rp1,985,000 Rp1,985,000   
Losari Beach HotelStandardRp330,000 Rp350,000 InclusiveUFN
Jl. Penghibur 10SuperiorRp385,000 Rp415,000   
Ph:(0411)326062 Fax:(0411)313978DeluxeRp450,000 Rp485,000   
 SuiteRp550,000 Rp605,000   
Losari Beach Inn (Guest House)StandardRp275,000 Rp320,000 InclusiveUFN
Jl. Penghibur 3SuperiorRp295,000 Rp330,000   
Ph:(0411)322115 Fax:(0411)313978DeluxeRp320,000 Rp340,000   
 SuiteRp375,000 Rp430,000   
Makassar Golden Hotel ****SuperiorRp497,000 Rp497,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. Pasar Ikan 52Deluxe CityviewRp575,000 Rp575,000   
Ph:(0411)333000 Fax:(0411)320951Deluxe SeaviewRp655,000 Rp655,000   
 Cottage / Executive SuiteRp845,000 Rp845,000   
 Executive SuiteRp845,000 Rp845,000   
 Makassar SuiteRp1,495,000 Rp1,495,000   
Mercure Regency Makassar (MA)SuperiorRp465,000 Rp465,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. Daeng Tompo 8DeluxeRp515,000 Rp515,000   
Ph:(0411)3650099 Fax:(0411)3650098Junior SuiteRp765,000 Rp765,000   
 Executive SuiteRp1,440,000 Rp1,440,000   
Pantai Gapura Hotel ****SuperiorRp480,000 Rp480,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 31 Mar' 10
Jl. Pasar Ikan 10DeluxeRp530,000 Rp530,000   
Ph:(0411)317041 Fax:(0411)316303Cottage Pool & HarbourRp705,000 Rp705,000   
 Cottage OceanRp760,000 Rp760,000   
Quality Hotel ****ROHRp555,000 Rp585,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. Somba Opu 235Executive SuiteRp1,075,000 Rp1,075,000   
Ph:(0411)333111 Fax:(0411)33322Phinisi SuiteRp1,325,000 Rp1,325,000   
Santika HotelDeluxeRp510,000 Rp510,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. S. Hasanuddin 40Deluxe City ViewRp540,000 Rp540,000   
Ph:(0411)332233 Fax:(0411)332277Deluxe HarbourRp570,000 Rp570,000   
 Club PremierRp795,000 Rp795,000   
 Executive SuiteRp1,070,000 Rp1,070,000   
Sahid Hotel *****DeluxeRp430,000 Rp415,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. Ratulangi 33Business Corner SuiteRp1,255,000 Rp1,200,000   
Ph:(0411)875757 Fax:(0411)875858     
Singgasana HotelDeluxeRp465,000 Rp510,000 Inclusive01 Mar - 30 June' 10
Jl. Kajoalalido 16TripleRp760,000 Rp760,000   
Ph:(0411)327051 Fax:(0411)321821Executive SuiteRp1,675,000 Rp1,675,000  

Terms & Conditions:
The above rates are inclusive of b'fast for single/double occupancy, additional charge will apply for children b'fast
The above rates are inclusive of 21% Government Tax & Service Charge
The above rates are nett and non-commissionable
The above rates are subject to change without notice
Cancellation made within 72 hours (low season) prior to arrival date, one night room charge will apply
Full payment is require once the booking is confirmed, otherwise booking will cancel automatically
No show prior to arrival date, one night room charge will apply
Please mentioned Booking & Payment by PT AKDIRASA Tours and Travel in your hotel voucher
Note: UFN = Until Further Notice (Harga Sewaktu-waktu bisa berubah)

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